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October 1, 2017

Our Newest Chapter

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Boy, has it been an interesting last 6 months. 

If we’re friends on Facebook or you follow my Instagram (aka where I spam you with adorable pictures of my children and the occasional selfie), you’re already up to speed on the latest and greatest changes for our family.  But if this is the first you’re hearing of anything new, well… let’s just say 2017 is nothing like what I thought it would be! 


Talk about an unexpected plot twist!  This time last year I was 35 weeks pregnant with Simon, and believe me when I say a job change and a major move was NOT on my radar at all.  

The short version of the story is that I was contacted right before Lent began to see if I was open to even entertaining the idea of taking a new position in the Diocese of Tyler.  For weeks, I thought “There’s NO WAY God’s calling us to move… We just bought a house!”  But over and over again in prayer the Lord kept saying “You don’t think I can handle a house?  Of all the things?  It’s just a house.” 

Good point Lord.  So I put together my Curriculum Vitae and emailed it at the beginning of Holy Week, the beginning of May I interviewed, the end of May I accepted, and on June 30th we moved to Tyler, TX.  I started my job as the Director of Family Life in the Diocese of Tyler on July 10th. 

And our house?  We got an offer after it had been on the market 1 month and we closed on it last week.

God is good. God is faithful. 


Since the move happened so fast we decided to rent for this first year, catch our breath and figure out where exactly we want to live in Tyler.

About a week before we left Dodge City we found this house which is the closest thing to country living that I’ve ever experienced. 

Our house is on half an acre, and it backs up to our landlord’s property which contains lots of cows, a few horses, two goats, some chickens… and apparently our house came equipped with country mice too.  

We have a beautiful front porch and back deck, and the kids love seeing the animals, especially the cows that gather at the front gate every morning. 

It’s a little bit of a drive, but we knew that would be a change moving to a larger city.  Gone are the days of living 5 minutes from everything, and shopping at the 1 Walmart in town.  Last weekend we realized that there were more businesses on the road we were driving on than there were in all of Dodge City.  Hello Chick-fil-a.  Hello Target.  Hello Budget.  


One of the main reasons that we considered this move so seriously is Family. In Dodge City, we were about 15-16 hours from my family and 10-12 hours away from Michael’s family. Now, we’re 6 hours from my family and 45 minutes from Michael’s family.  Minutes!      I think the kids have spent more time with their grandparents the past 2 ½ months than they have their entire lives!  It’s been amazing!

This move has given me a deep appreciation for our families.  The day we moved here we had so many family members over at the house helping to unpack.  During the 3 weeks that I was here by myself with the kids while Michael finished things in Dodge, I had an incredible amount of support from my parents and from my in-laws.  I really couldn’t have made it through those first few weeks without family!  And they continue to support us. 

And I gotta say, one of my favorite moments of this year, hands down, is the phone call we made to Michael’s parents to tell them that we were moving back to Texas.  I think we got a bigger squeal of joy out of them than the first time we told them we were pregnant!  😊 


Guess who started walking at 9 months and has 5-6 teeth? Simon’s development over the past several months has been shocking. Alexandria didn’t start crawling until maybe 9-10 months, and she was walking at 13 months.  Simon figured out how to crawl, standup, and took he first steps within a couple of months it seems.  SLOW DOWN KID.

One thing that I’m realizing more and more with each daily adventure is how different our kids are… and how different boys and girls are.  While both of our kids have a great deal of spunk, there’s a fearlessness and determination with Simon that can sometimes be a little alarming.  Climb onto the couch and then dive off?  Sure. And Alexandria… goodness that girl is 2 ½ going on 20.  She can be sassy, but she’s a smart kid.  Now if we can just get this potty training thing down…


My husband is amazing y’all.  

I know, I know…. It’s cheesy… but it’s TRUE! I need to write a whole separate post about this, but the chaos of this move and even making the decision to submit my Curriculum Vitae was not something I could have done without Michael. 

Moving was hard.   But I have really appreciated Michael’s patience and support.  We’re a team, and this entire process has given me a deeper awareness of the grace that comes from the Sacrament of Marriage, and gratitude that I’m married to my best friend. 


It feel like this is the most significant “out of the boat moment” I’ve ever experienced…bigger than when I moved to Mexico, or when I moved to San Antonio or Dodge City…probably because this was a discernment that we made as a family.  

I won’t lie, this has been challenging.  As much as I love this new adventure, I miss the comforts of where we were.  It was safe!  We had good jobs, friends, community…we were comfortable.  But that’s what getting out of the boat is about! 

Peter knew Jesus was calling him, and he went for it.  But that didn’t mean the sea was immediately calmed.  Undoubtedly, it was scary out there!  But Jesus was with Peter, and he was right there when Peter started to sink. 

And that’s where we’re at right now… We know this where we are supposed to be, but those waves can be intimidating.  God is in this with us, and if we do sink?  He’s right there.