November 30, 2016


Hello!  I’m Deanna ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a 30-something Catholic, married to Michael and proud Mama to #AlexandriaTheGreat & #SimonTheZealous, and a little saint in Heaven.  

Over the past decade God has led me on some exciting “out of the boat” adventures. From living abroad, to meeting my husband on the internet, and most recently moving to East Texas to work for a Catholic Diocese, it’s really felt like my journey has had a lot of “please step out of your comfort zone and trust God” kind of moments. 

Sometimes life out of the boat means moving to another country.  But sometimes life out of the boat simply means trusting God in a new way.  

This blog is where I share my stories and experiences of learning how to walk on water in my vocation as a wife, mom, and woman working in full-time ministry.  I’m no expert water water… I need plenty of practice and a lot of prayer!  But I hope my journey can be an encouragement and support as you continue your own water-walking journey!  

St. John Paul II said it best, “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure!”